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AMA is a new Asian Bistro founded by a mother and her son. 

Supported by the father, the recipes are inspired by the Chinese cuisine of the mother and the more pan-Asian touches of the son, acquired over numerous stays in Asia (notably in Shanghai and Seoul) where he was able to develop his palate through recipes. local. 

Through a varied choice of starters, dishes and homemade desserts, the menu will change according to the arrivals of the moment and seasonal products. 

The AMA restaurant hopes to make you discover or rediscover Asian cuisine and surprise you with its dishes made with love. 


Waiting for your visit, 


Eat, drink and have a rice day!

Adventurous family cooking

Everything you need in one bowl.

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100% homemade

Traditional and modern recipes

Combining traditional Chinese recipes and modern Asian cuisine, AMA offers a menu of homemade starters, main courses, tapas and desserts.


100% fresh products

Quality on the plate

Fresh and quality products delivered every morning to concoct new recipes for you as they arrive.


100% Adventurous

Asian cuisine but not only...

AMA wants to break the different stereotypes that we can have about Chinese and Asian cuisine in general and make you discover or rediscover Asian cuisine.

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